Hi, I'm Court.

I'm a Vancouver based Communication Designer armed with the ability to unpack complex issues, ideas and situations to create visual solutions grounded in theory techniques and strategies. In the same breath, though I respect the "rules" of design, I also believe that scrapping them and following your minds eye can result in pure magic. Along with an inherent desire to constantly learn and grow, these are some of the reasons that compel me to be a forever student of the universe. As a designer, the more you know about everything the better.  After all, if design is largely about solving human problems it only makes sense that we'd want to cultivate a deeper understanding of what makes us tick.

Growing up on the west coast of British Columbia, I understand how sense of place can be woven into our genetic fibres. When I'm not involved in a creative project I can be found in the mountains either hiking, camping or exploring. What this has taught me is to think holistically and respect our innate affiliation to everything on this planet and beyond. As a designer, I thrive when working on projects that do the world good.